Our people are passionate enablers, pioneering innovation and bringing about change for our clients.

We are committed to the continuous development of all team members, the building of knowledge across the company and the sharing and celebration of best practices.

BQG has developed a specific curriculum for our consultant to support their development and the competencies acquisition necessary to perform with the highly standard expected by our customer. Our "Synapse" learning programs and next gen consulting modules focus on different capabilities including behaviours such as influence, ability to drive change and technical skills such as project management. Our learning process encompass internal classical trainings, working session, Evening of knowledge, on the job and mentoring.

Amandine gratuated from ENSIC (France) in process and bioprocess engineering. She gained strong technical and scientific knowledge in biotechnology through several school projects and intership in pharmaceutical company.

Motivated and ready for new challenges, Amandine joined The Biotech Quality Group to start her career in consultancy on quality assurance projects

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Holding a master’s degree with great distinction in ICT Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Anabelle chooses to specialize her in Machine Learning and more particularly in recommender systems.

During her master, she worked as assistant-student for the course of "Introduction to information technology".

Today, she is a happy data scientist at Biotech Quality Group.


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Anouk is eager to learn and understand. She graduated as a Bio-engineer specialized in Food Science, Technology and Quality at the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and is currently completing a PhD in Medical Science at Universiteit Gent.

Anouk acquired strong scientific and technical knowledge in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Development and Regulatory Affairs through her academic career, internships and previous professional experience.

Anouk is an Entrepreneur at heart, she has always been curious about project management and business development.

Anouk joined the Biotech Quality Group driven by passion for adventure and innovation and is ready to take on new challenges.


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Azedine is a senior consultant with project management expertise in engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing and regulatory affairs for the Life Sciences and Food industries.

He obtained his PhD from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne (ENSM-SE) in France. He holds two other masters degrees: one in Management from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management de Tours and another in Pharmacotechnology from the University of Pharmaceutical Science in Montpellier.

After 19 years spent in the Life Sciences Industries environment, Azedine brings his engineering expertise and knowledge of the environment to assist our clients in projects related to with new laboratories construction, revamping, existing buildings, new process installation including process engineering of solid, liquid and sterile forms.

Azedine's competences, his expertise in Research & Development, Project Management, Engineering and Manufacturing means he can rapidly contribute to ensure the success of our projects.


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Benoît is a senior consultant for The Biotech Quality Group.

Benoît has over 20 years work experience with a strong focus on automation. He became Senior Consultant in 2006 working across several industries including the Life Sciences. As a consultant, Benoît developed his technical, management and communication skills.

Looking for challenging projects, Benoît joined The Biotech Quality Group early on.


Boris graduated with a master’s degree in Chemical process engineering from the ENSIC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques). Through his studies and internship, he acquired skills in analytical development and biotechnological area.
Boris joined the Biotech Quality Group with the desire to participate in innovative projects where he can apply its skills. Thanks to his willingness to achieve his objectives and his motivation, Boris is ready to face any challenges in the quality field.


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Carole is a consultant for the Biotech Quality Group.

She is an industrial pharmacist graduated from French Reims University, and she completed her education with a Master's degree in Development of Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Products from French Clermont-Ferrand University. She had an experience as Junior Project Manager in a R&D environment of a major French laboratory. Curious and voluntary, she decided to join the Biotech Quality Group to widen her field of expertise.


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Christine spent several years as an executive assistant for a Consulting company before joining Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for 14 years.

Christine returned to the consulting world with BQG in 2013. Attentive and dynamic, she is always available to answer your questions.


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Christophe brings over 18 years of expertise in production unit optimisation, organization and management. His expertise is focused on development and leadership of multidisciplinary teams with specialist knowledge in the areas of Bulk substance production and Aseptic process.

His skills include project and change management, continuous improvement and optimisation of process to improve return on investment. He is motivated by diverse and complex change management challenges and in delivering robust solutions to resolve these issues. He also has attained 6 Sigma and Lean Management Certification.

Christophe's leadership of project teams and the skills and capabilities developed throughout his career enable him to consistently deliver successful projects, improved production processes and operational efficiencies.

Christophe qualified with a technical degree in hospital and pharmacy in Rennes, France.


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Edwin is an enthusiastic consultant with 8 years of professional experience. He holds a master degree in Bio-engineering with a specialisation in the cell & gene biotechnology from the University of Brussels (VUB) and a Post-graduation degree in Business administration & management from the University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium.

He gained some significant experience in people and project management and had the opportunity to develop his technical skills as process engineer worldwide during several years. Besides his mother tongue French, he can also work in Flemish, English and Spanish.

Edwin acquired a solid background in process improvement, technology transfer and deviation management, taking part in many large scale industrial projects in the health, FMCG, pharmaceutical, medical devices and Biotech industry. He is a real team player with good communication skills and he can support or lead different types of projects in production, quality or engineering departments.

Always looking for new challenges, he is now ready to help BQG's clients reach their targets!




Cornélie graduated from Chimie ParisTech (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris). She holds an engineering degree in Chemistry, with major option Molecular Chemistry. She completed her education with a PhD diploma in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry.

She has gained practical experience in industrial and pharmaceutical domains related to Research and Development, Qualification and Process Validation.


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Pharmacist, master in manufacturing practice, Delphine is also Black Belt & expert in Lean manufacturing.

With 15 years spent in the Biopharma industry, including small and big Pharma, Delphine's experience covers manufacturing, Quality and supply chains including expertise in Learning, Knowledge management and change management. This extensive experience allows Delphine to understand detailed operational challenges, as well as taking a helicopter view on Pharma business technology and organisation needs.

Delphine brings strategy, process structure, and ways of working to the heart of BQG methodology and is key for the development of BQG solution and services.

Delphine is driven, passionate about what she does and has a high learning agility. The combination of her scientific background and strategic project skills make her unique. Delphine is a finisher and will battle until the targeted results are achieved!


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Eléonore is a consultant for The Biotech Quality Group.

Interested by the biopharmaceutical industry, Eléonore is graduated from French ENSTBB with a master's degree in biotechnology. Through her past experience in Quality Assurance and Project Management, she acquired complementary skills. Driven by her willingness to keep up in these fields, she joined The Biotech Quality Group to start her career on Quality Assurance projects. Eléonore is now ready to share her dynamism and motivation for her projects and take on new challenges.


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François is a senior consultant for The Biotech Quality Group. Engineer, master in generalist engineering, electricity and automation, François is also Green Belt and  expert in project management and operational excellence.

With 18 years in pharma industry, including big pharma and CMO, François experience covers Operations, Quality, Maintenance, Engineering, Safety and People development. This wide experience allows François to face aseptic and biopharma challenges and address the right quality standards. With a former experience as Plant Manager, François brings customer oriented solutions to the heart of projects in Quality and Manufacturing.

Enthusiast, efficient and practical, François is motivated by turning ideas and challenges into solutions and sharing practices.


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Gaëlle is a consultant for the Biotech Quality Group.

She graduated with a master’s degree in Chemical Bioengineering from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), specializing in molecular and cellular engineering. Eager to expand her fields of expertize, she then obtained a Master in Management from the same university, writing her thesis on the issues raised by the expansion of generic drugs for traditional pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Gaëlle joined the Biotech Quality Group enthusiast to further develop her technical and interpersonal skills through challenging quality assistance projects.

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Because of a keen interest in life sciences, Gamze graduated from the Ghent University with a master in Biomedical Sciences majoring in Genetics. She is enthusiastic about new opportunities in biopharmaceutical industry and joined The Biotech Quality Group to widen her field of expertise through challenging projects.



Guillaume graduated as an engineer from the École des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, which provides him with pharmaceutical engineering skills, from engineering process and continuous improvement of drug manufacturing along with characterization of divided solids, galenic and formulation knowledge.Creative and open-minded, Guillaume has developed his understanding of objectives at stake throughout his internships and studies. His sense of responsibilities and determination helps him pushing projects forward.He started right away to help preparing a FDA inspection, where he supported maintenance and production teams to prevent future work overload and solve issues on site.


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Jokin graduated with a pharmacist degree at the University of Bordeaux 2 Victor Segalen. Eager to develop his biopharmaceutical skills, he completed his training with a Master's degree in biotechnology at the ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Technologies des Biomolécules de Bordeaux).

Through his academic career, internships and previous professional experiences, Jokin acquired strong scientific and technical knowledge, and also developed his interpersonal skills.

Highly motivated and driven by new challenges, he always looks for ways of improving processes so as to increase their efficiency. Jokin brings his energy and enthusiasm to the team to help projects move a step forward.


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Josselin is a bioengineer in analytics, graduated from Toulouse university (FR), reinforced by a certificate of advanced studies in healthcare supply chain management obtained at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne (CH). Josselin is a 14-years experienced with a background in medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Over these 14 years, Josselin had various experiences in R&D, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Supply. He has a proven experience in the development of diagnostic kits, their transfer to manufacturing, the set up, management and planning of manufacturing lines and logistic platforms with inventory and order management, the supply of clinical trials, the set up and review of GMP documentation and the deployment of HSE plan.

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From a Biotechnology engineering education (ENSTBB, Bordeaux, France), Julie became consultant for the Biotech Quality Group in 2016 after 8 years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Working either for consulting company or internally within big Pharma, Julie developed strong skills in Operational Quality Assurance and Quality Systems, Manufacturing, Project and Change Management. Specifically, Julie is an expert in commercial scale Technology Transfer, particularly dealing with external partners (CMO, JV) and leading strategic projects across the world (UK, Italia, Turkey, Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, US…) by managing multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. This experience also allows Julie to transversally strengthen her knowledge on other fields such as Quality Control, Regulatory, Engineering, Validation, Logistics and Supply Chain mainly.

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Julie Vandenkerckhove is an operational consultant in life sciences. Julie is graduated from UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) in 2015 with a master degree in bioengineering with a major in Chemistry and bio-industries and a specialization in Sciences, technology and food quality. She has joined BQG in March 2016 and since is in mission at GSK as a Technical Compliance Specialist and Change control Coordinator. During this mission, she has successfully developed specific competences in the field of regulatory affair and quality assurance in the biopharmaceutical industry.



Laura graduated with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy and Bachelor in chemical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, specialising in biopharmaceuticals and international project management.

Laura worked for research institutes, hospital laboratories and at Sanofi Pasteur's global headquarters. Laura's solid technical background and professional experience has provided her with the insight and skills to assist production, quality and validation teams.

Driven by her passion for the pharmaceutical field and her aptitude for change management, Laura especially enjoys leaping over the hurdles of challenging projects by creating an efficient and forward-thinking environment.

Today, Laura improves the QC organisation and internal competences and sustainability of a young biotech company.



Laurens is an operational consultant, with specific skills in Project Coordination/Execution and Quality.

Laurens first studied Chemistry, followed by a Master in Bioscience Engineering. Therefore Laurens is familiar with different production processes. As a result he easily adapts in different divisions within companies, he has both practical and theoretical experience in chemistry and biotech.

Laurens has gained knowledge in different scientific fields, for example he has experience with growing cell cultures in microbiological environments as well as a strong theoretic background of up- and downstream processing (purification …), but he also possesses qualities to work in a pure chemical laboratory or biotech environment.

Laurens has already been involved in QC and Compliance projects in different environments and has been trained on quality requirements and pharmaceutical production for the biopharmaceutical industry under cGMP.


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Laurien graduated as a Bachelor in Medicine at the Katholic University of Leuven and as a Master in Health Promotion and Education at the University of Ghent. Armed with a flair for science and a talent for analysis, she found her way to the world of quality. As a consultant at the Biotech Quality Group, she can also make optimal use of her interpersonal skills and language competences.

Laurien is very committed to the delivery of high-quality results and the enthusiasm with which she approaches her assignments is inspiring.


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Ligia is an Industrial Pharmacist registerd as Qualified Person. With 15 years spent in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Ligia's experience covers manufacturing and Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Audits.

During these 15 years, Ligia had the opportunity to experience different environments, which made her develop strong adaptation skills to complex and multicultural environments, leadership as well as good communication skills. Ligia's business approach is customer driven with a great attention to detail. Enthusiastic and proactive, Ligia brings creative solutions and leads her projects firmly.


Lilian is a graduated student from former ENSCCF (Engineering School of Chemistry - Clermont Ferrand, France). He holds an engineering degree in chemistry, specialised in Fine and Industrial Organic Chemistry. Through his past and current projects, he transformed his technical skills and knowledge in solid bases for quality management an improvement. Familiar with teamwork through his involvement in various associations, he is willing to achieve his goals as often as possible, and to hit the closest target whenever he can't do otherwise. 


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Louise graduated as a Quality Engineer from the “Ecole de Biologie Industrielle” (Cergy-France), where she has built on her knowledge and understanding of the quality methods, validation methods and quality standard, in the Lifescience Industry.

Louise is motivated to take part in various projects in which she can use her skills and her team spirit. The variety of the subjects taught during her degree course at EBI and the diversity of her experiences, enabled her to gain in adaptability and coach her for new challenges within The Biotech Quality Group.



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Luis is a consultant for The Biotech Quality Group.

Luis is from Mexico, and has a bachelor degree in Biochemical Engineering from IPN (Mexico) and a Master in Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry from INSA Lyon (France). Through his studies, Luis acquired a strong technical and scientific background. He is eager to commit himself to challenging projects and to put to use his analytical mind to solve problems efficiently. Luis enjoys working in multicultural environments. He is ready to travel and to share responsibilities.


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Martin is a consultant for the Biotech Quality Group. Eager to explore new horizons, Martin completed his pharmacist degree with two Master degrees: the first one in business administration at the IAE of Amiens, the second in biotechnology at the ENSTBB (Bordeaux).

Martin acquired a solid technical and scientific background through his studies and professional experiences, and also developed his ability to understand systems, to solve problems quickly with the help of his interpersonal skills.

Motivated by new challenges, Martin is keen on bringing his dynamism and good vibes to help projects move a step forward.


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Michaël graduated in 2005 from the "Ecole de Biologie Industrielle" as a quality engineer.

He acquired his experience working in major engineering consulting firms where he worked on challenging and innovative projects in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology area.

Michaël's expertise lies in quality assurance, qualification and validation and has demonstrated abilities on change management.

Michaël joined the Biotech Quality Group to share his enthusiasm and will for continuous improvement with BQG members and clients.

Today Michaël supports a major pharmaceutical company in the implementation of a risk-based approach for the temperature control of the supply chain.


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Olivier is a dedicated and motivated consultant who likes to find solutions, with specific skills in project management, automation and qualification for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Olivier owns a bachelor degree in industrial automation from Besancon technical school, as well as a Project management diploma delivered by CEFCO institute in Lausanne.

He had traveled the world for the machine industry as an automation engineer for 10 years and has joined the pharmaceutical environment for 8 years leading several engineering and qualification projects. He also took part in a large number of continuous improvement project to support a biotech manufacturing unit.

Olivier is seeking for new challenges and opportunities to share his enthusiasm and strong team spirit. He is looking forward to bring his commitment and dynamism to achieve your goals.


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Perrine graduated from ESBS (Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg). She holds an engineering degree in Biotechnology with a spezialisation in bioproduction.
As a junior consultant who has successfully developed specific competences in the field of Analytical Methods Transfers and Quality for the biopharmaceutical industry, Perrine has gained 1 year of practical experience in forensic domains related to Quality Control and Improvement. During this year, she has proven autonomy and rigor in day-to-day operations.

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Phuong graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles with a bioengineering degree in Chemistry and Bioindustries. Throughout his studies, he acquired scientific and technical knowledge in life sciences, along with an interest in the Pharmaceutical sector. Phuong loves to investigate and solve problems, has a critical mindset and focus on quality. He joined the Biotech Quality Group as a consultant to develop his technical and interpersonal skills and to take on new and challenging projects. Highly motivated, he has now been part of different projects in Regulatory Affairs.



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Pierre obtained a Master of Science in Analysis, Control and Expertise for Bio-Industries at University of Rouen (France).

After his studies, Pierre developed experience in major galenic forms (liquids, sterile and vaccines) for various systems (manufacturing, API, purification and filling). He succeeded in Technical Coordination in Development and validation teams, Continuous Improvement projects and Operational Quality Management.

The thirst for knowledge, passion for Life Sciences, participation in innovative projects and responsibilities are to Pierre synonymous with development.

Driven by his curiosity, Pierre crossed the path of The Biotech Quality Group and is happy to share his taste for adventure.


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Raphael is a Data Science and Business Intelligence Specialist for The Biotech Quality Group.

Graduated with great distinction from Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) with a master's degree in Information Sciences and Technology, Raphael has both capacities for high-level conceptualization and technological knowledge for the operational tasks.

During one year, he was teaching assistant at the Université libre de Bruxelles and researcher for the Belgian Science Policy. In this context, he published scientific papers and lectured several conferences, such as the Annual Conference of the European Libraries Automation Group, the Data Quality Congress, the Data Science Training for Librarians.

During his studies, he also collaborated with BQG and finally joined the team while continuing his Ph.D. at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Inventive and open for challenges, Raphael now provides creative solutions for customers and consultants needs.


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Romain graduated from Ecole des Mines d'Albi as a process engineer, majoring in pharmaceutical industry.

Romain began his career almost 8 years ago. Driven by change, challenge and field work, he joined a consulting company in 2006 as a consultant first working on several projects in validation before moving to engineering projects. After 4 years on the field, his interpersonal and management skills combined with his dynamism progressed his career into business management.

For the next two years, Romain managed over 20 consultants and efficiently drove business with major pharmaceutical and biotech actors in Belgium. He took a sabbatical to discover Asia, and returned to field work as a project engineer.


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Simon graduated from ENSCBP as an engineer and completed his degree with a Master in industrialization of health products. Simon has a solid background in chemical and pharmaceutical field.

Simon has developed his problem solving skills through projects, he has worked on and internships and his studies. He has extensive experience in working in multicultural environments and utilises these skills to projects forward.

Motivated and enthusiastic, Simon presently participates to the qualification of purified water utilities for a Belgian CMO.



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Sophie is a consultant for The Biotech Quality Group.

Motivated by the pharmaceutical and biotech challenges, Sophie completed a pharmacist degree and specialized herself in engineering and biotechnology sciences at the ENSTBB in Bordeaux. While her studies provided her with technical skills in pharmaceutical and bioengineering sciences, Sophie also acquired from her professional experiences a solid background in the cosmetics, the pharmaceutical and the biotech areas. She worked in various production settings, where she demonstrated team spirit, communicative and flexible skills. Very dynamic, Sophie decided to join the Biotech Quality Group to build-up her career and develop her ability to face multiple challenges in life sciences companies.

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Bio-Engineer in Food Technology and Six Sigma Black Belt, Sophie has a passion for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
Sophie has over 25 years’ experience in Quality Management in the Personal Care, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. She has led the implementation of a Global Operational Excellence Management System, addressing Quality and EHS requirements in a large Chemical Company.

She has a strong experience in project management, applying the Six Sigma methodology to lead large, complex projects in an international environment.
Sophie has experience in Business Process Management and has led the improvement and simplification of Quality Processes. She has contributed to reinforce root cause investigation methods, leading to a significant reduction of recurring customer complaints.

Sophie is energized when working in team and enjoy working across cultures.


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Steve qualified as an Engineer and became an expert in computerized system validation for the pharmaceutical industry.

Driven by change, he joined a consulting company in 2008. He got involved in different projects as Validation expert or Project leader, always aiming at improving his skills including Quality Assurance.


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Sven started his career as researcher in the Ghent's biotech industry and quickly evolved in process up scaling and optimisation steps. Following the construction of a Bio Pilot Plant, he learnt all the basics of installation and qualification of process equipment under GMP requirements. At the same time, with a few friends, Sven developed and commercialised his own beer.

After more than 8 years, Sven joined an international consulting company with specialisation in Life Sciences Industries. For 5 years, he led several projects at different clients. In 2010, Sven took the responsibility for the creation and coordination of an international support centre, delivering technical support and training to consultants and managing the team's expertise and knowledge.Today, Sven brings his experience and enthusiasm to BQG, not only to be able to respond to client needs, but also help develop innovative solutions... colleagues often refer to Sven as being the quiet force.


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Vaashiny is an industrial pharmacist graduated from University of Paris XI. Eager to expand her technical knowledge, she completed her degree with a process engineering degree obtained at ENSIC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs Chimiques) in Nancy (France).
She has experiences in manufacturing improvement and equipment qualification.
With her enthusiasm and team spirit, Vaashiny is looking for new projects and challenges to excel


Vincent Van Hemelryck is an operational consultant, with skills in Quality Control, Analytical Methods & R&D. Vincent can work under GLP and has a good knowledge of GMP requirements.

Vincent is a proactive, pragmatic operational consultant, graduated with distinction from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Bioengineering, chemistry and bio-industries in 2011, and followed a practical training in Upstream and Downstream processes at Centre of Biotechnology of Forem in 2013.
Vincent can be involved in Quality Control, Analytical Methods development and R&D.