"The Biotech Quality Group shares with its clients the responsibility of bringing safer medicines to patients. Our passion in making every project a success is driven by the knowledge that together we can make a meaningful difference to patients by improving the safety of the medicines they take."

The "Blockbuster" business model that has been the power-house for the Life Sciences Industries over the past few decades is losing steam;

  • Regulatory pressure to improve patient outcomes
  • Research and Development costs are escalating
  • Breakthrough innovation is slowing
  • Competition is growing
  • Sales growth is flattening

The paradigm shift to the "New Normal" is in progress. New models are emerging which have to rapidly combine innovations arising through technology and biotechnology advancements, greater flexibility to reduce costs and shorten time-to-market whilst improving patient outcomes. Life Sciences organisations, driven by both Management and Quality systems, are forced to adapt to these challenges.

This is where the Biotech Quality Group (BQG) steps into the game!