In a vision to launch BQG 2.0, Delphine is now taking over the overall BQG operation management as Chief Operating Officer.

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From head of practices, to Apollo Maturity™ director, she will now be heading the new enhanced structure of BQG in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Since 2013, Delphine has brought strategy, process structure, and ways of working to the heart of BQG methodology and has been key for the development of the Apollo Maturity Program™.

Stay tuned to see what's on Delphine's to do list, and how she is planning to reinforce BQG innovation and methodology through a dedicated Center of Excellence and the business units' structures.

A word from our CEO- Fabrice Deconinck

"4 years ago, Delphine joined BQG and has since been a major asset in the success of the company. Delphine has been instrumental in the development of our award winning Apollo solutions in Belgium, Switzerland, and more recently, France. As a director, Delphine was able to recruit, manage and develop a team of professionals in the most efficient manner, and always within the human values that we all share. I am grateful to Delphine for what has been achieved so far, and even more enthusiastic to collaborate with her on a daily basis in her new Group COO responsibilities."