Quality standards such as ISO 9000 are the norms for many quality regulated industries, whilst in the pharma/biopharma industry, regulatory bodies impose quality standards and monitor organisations for compliance. As a consequence, the "New Normal" of faster biotechnology advancements, pressure to reduce costs, shortening time-to-market and still improving patient outcomes requires a new way to incorporating quality standards into a Life Sciences organisation.

To succesfully cope with this paradigm shift, The Biotech Quality Group developed an innovative model derived from the company vision and incorporated into our strategic approach:

  • Focus on Quality – BQG offers specialised project management support providing integrated Quality Management solutions across industrial practices including:
  • Creating Value - all aspects of the project are tailored to client requirements and assessed to ensure ongoing value generation throughout the life of the project.


  • Evolving Innovation – We are committed to bringing in and nurturing talent to develop ideas and bring innovative solutions to the Life Sciences Industries through:
    • Building employee excellence through the identification, recruitment and continuous development of our people.
    • Maintaining the Pioneering spirit to promote innovation and drive change within our clients.


  • Integrity drives our behaviour and relationships. We want to be considered by our clients, partners and employees as "best in class". Our aim is to prove it every day!